JMX MBean View


Fri Jun 05 12:44:02 GMT-04:00 2020
Java Classorg.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.BaseModelMBean
DescriptionStandard Host Component

Attribute Name Access Type Description Attribute Value
managedResource RW java.lang.Object The managed resource this MBean is associated with
valveObjectNames RW [; Return the MBean ObjectNames of the Valves associated with this Host
realm RW org.apache.catalina.Realm Associated realm.
name RW java.lang.String Unique name of this Host
configClass RW java.lang.String The configuration class for contexts
children RW [; Object names of all children
modelerType R java.lang.String Type of the modeled resource. Can be set only once
aliases RW [Ljava.lang.String; Host aliases
appBase RW java.lang.String The application root for this Host
valveNames RW [Ljava.lang.String; Return the MBean Names of the Valves associated with this Host

Operation Return Type Description Parameters
destroy void Destroy
[no parameters]
stop void Stop
[no parameters]
start void Start
[no parameters]
removeAlias void Remove the specified alias name from the aliases for this Host
alias java.lang.String Alias name to be removed
init void Init
[no parameters]
addChild void Add a context
child org.apache.catalina.Container Context to be added
findAliases [Ljava.lang.String; Return the set of alias names for this Host
[no parameters]
addAlias void Add an alias name that should be mapped to this Host
alias java.lang.String The alias to be added